As a New Orleans native and rising junior at the University of Southern California, I felt like I had experienced it all. From L.A. to LA, I have spent my college career in a persistent pursuit of determining what exactly my professional life was going to be. With internships that ran me through a multi-industry gauntlet (international Fashion PR Houses, celebrity stylists and social media startups), I had grown confident that I knew exactly what I wanted to do: visual branding.

This past month I had the opportunity to be join DEVENEY as a Shadow Associate, working with and learning from each of the departments – Digital, Creative/Advertising and PR.

First, I worked within the Digital team. I was blown away by the breadth of platforms, and both the amount and intricacy of platform usage itself. I was blown away by the breadth of platforms, and both the amount and intricacy of platform usage itself.

Second, I worked within the Creative team. I was tasked with gathering logos of companies that the Creative team was working on creating. They even trusted me with finding a stock image to be manipulated by the team for the main image for the quarterly report. Through hands on experience, I truly learned the creative process that goes into developing content.

Finally, I worked within the PR team, where I was brought into the immersive and fast paced world of crisis control. I learned about the importance, and delicate balance, of customer and client relations, as well as the multiple avenues through which brands maintain and craft their images and personalities.

At the end of each day, I found myself questioning more and more what exactly I had originally meant when I said that I was interested in visual branding. As consumers, everything that we see is a communicated message, intentional or not. To be able to curate that message is complicated, nuanced, empowering, and all together the industry of PR and Marketing. Every department approaches communicating information visually in its own way, whether it’s an enticing Instagram with the Digital Team, a strong logo with the Creative Team, or developing a strategic campaign with the PR Team.

Being a Shadow Associate at DEVENEY allowed me to immerse myself in an industry in which you can only learn through participation. I am able to leave this program with both a greater understanding of self and the expansive world that is visual branding. My only regret? That I didn’t apply to be a full Associate and Summer Scholar programs. If you have any interest in the advertising, digital, public relations and/or overall marketing field, make sure to apply by the end of July for consideration this fall. Taking charge of your career through gaining new experiences is truly the best way to curate it.


New Orleans is dominated by the restaurant and hospitality industries. We have some world-class chefs and plenty of traditional Cajun food to go around. But once you apply and get accepted to the DEVENEY Summer Associate position, you’ll want to try some less-touristy and more-budget-friendly options, here’s the ultimate list for you:


1 Deja Vieux Food Park (1681 Religious St)

This permanent food truck park is home to some of the best street food I’ve ever had. My personal favorite is Johnny’s Jamaican Grill where Montego-Bay native Clinton Haughton (you can call him Jamaican Johnny) serves up authentic Caribbean classics like jerk meats, curried goats, callaloo, and fried plantains. The park also features a full bar, a stage, and a covered patio with TV’s and jumbo versions of all of your favorite table games like Jenga, UNO, and Connect Four – consider it the perfect location for after-work happy hour with your new co-workers.


2 Arabella (2258 St Claude Ave)

It can be tough to find good food after an evening client event. Most options are some form of greasy diner food. Not Arabella! Open until 11pm on the weekends, this small pasta restaurant manages to be both Star Wars themed and incredibly cozy. The dimly lit interior is lined with pieces from local artists — a great conversation starter while you wait for your (generously portioned) dinner. Plus, the menu includes a build-your-own option; so, you won’t have to worry about not liking anything on the menu.


3 1000 Figs (3141 Ponce De Leon St)

Wow. 1000 Figs. Amazing. Hands down the best falafel in town (including the stuff you can get at some world-renowned restaurants Uptown). I only wish it were closer to the DEVENEY office. I’d recommend the falafel sandwich (only $6.50!) with some shareable sides like Brussel sprouts and fries. The restaurant itself is tiny, which adds to its ethereal Instagram-friendly air, but doesn’t make it the best place to linger and chat. Instead, after your meal, head next door to Swirl for a glass (or three) of wine.


4 Dat Dog (5030 Freret) + Piccola (4525 Freret)

Dat Dog is a DEVENEY Associate favorite. It’s cheap; It’s fun; It’s delicious.

The hot dog chain is famous for its brightly colored buildings and outdoor seating. It’s very Instagrammable and makes a great place to watch a sports game or stop for a quick meal during a night out. The best part? The outdoor seating all but guarantees you’ll get to pet some dogs. The Freret location is my favorite because it’s far from the downtown crowds and close to Piccola Gelateria. Always, always, always take the stroll down Freret to Piccola. This ‘little gelateria’ serves the best gelato on this side of the Atlantic, and the proprietors treat everyone who walks through the door like family. I’m a super fan.


5 Saba (5757 Magazine St)

Ok, this one is somewhat touristy and not as budget-friendly as the other places on the list, but bear with me. Saba opened in May 2018 under the direction of five-time James Beard Award-winning executive chef Alon Shaya. While this restaurant can be full of tourists during big events like Mardi Gras, graduation week, and parent’s weekends at local universities, it’s always casual and intimate and doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter tourist trap. The menu is made up of shareable plates of varying sizes that can cater to any and all dietary restrictions. You can’t go wrong with any of them — trust me, I’ve actually had them all.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great restaurants to try in the city!

If, like me, you’re interested in the restaurant’s brand just as much as the food, check out DEVENEY’s work with restaurants like Arnaud’s and Ruth’s Chris.

Want to take it a step further and learn the ins-and-outs of marketing, advertising, and public relations in the restaurant industry? Check out DEVENEY’s Associate Program for the opportunity of a lifetime working with some of the most well-known restaurants in New Orleans.