In our latest one-minute and nine-second video, DEVENEY showcases some of our latest and greatest work within the our award-winning LifeStyle practice area.

Whether it be for travel and tourism, hotel and hospitality, food and beverage, we strive to make our clients top of mind across the nation.

DEVENEY has continued to shine against the odds – targeting the highly sought-after millennials into the conversation, incorporating social media influencers, Snapchat filters and ads while continuing to foster our traditional media connections along the way.

In the world of overinfluence, we have been charged with standing out, but not losing the authenticity of our clients through our efforts. For example, Windsor Court is a local New Orleans luxury hotel, and offered a Royal Wedding Weekend Getaway for those who couldn’t make it across the pond to Windsor Castle for the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials. Additionally, since the hotel is pet-friendly, we coordinated and hosted a local New Orleans mini pig influencer (that’s right – I said pig) My Best Friend Hank to enjoy the amenities at Windsor Court. You can even see the cute snapchat filter we designed and implemented for a meet and greet with the pig around :55 in the video.

We’ve talked about this until we’re blue in the face – this is the age of experiences. Searching for the best photo-op to post on Insta-stories or feeds. How can my trip to Iceland be better than my millennial friend or blogger/influencer? DEVENEY strives for just that by curating top-notch creative content that tells stories here in New Orleans and beyond. And we want to do it for you.

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