Spotify x DEVENEY associate

I used to wonder what the soundtrack to my life would be. Then I realized I couldn’t make a playlist long enough. So, I started with a day. Whether it’s my keyboard clicking beneath my fingers as I write a press release, or the rattle of the streetcar on its tracks during my morning commute to work, every day here is punctuated by sounds.  Our playlists reflect a lot about us, so this is a day in my life as a Public Relations Associate at DEVENEY, told through my daily Spotify playlists. 


Every morning, I wake up an hour before I leave the house. After a few hits on the snooze button, I play my favorite Wake Up playlist. I’m not naturally a morning person, so this playlist features lively tunes to kickstart my day. As an Associate at an engagement agency, I have to stay sharp. Things move quickly here, and a crisis project can happen anytime. Starting my day with this energetic flow pushes me into starting my day at my best.

I commute to work on the streetcar every morning and listen to different podcasts to pass the time. I love the Mindvalley podcast for tapping into my potential and productivity. Mindvalley helps me tap into my creative flow. This allows me to start my day with confidence and mental energy.

Before lunch, I listen to something calm to get me in the zone. I focus and organize myself, check my emails. start projects, go to meetings, and establish a flow. 


I don’t listen to music during lunch, but if I did it would be the DEVENEY happy songs playlist. This playlist captures the office atmosphere and the spirit of the neighborhood.  I love exploring the beautiful Lower Garden District neighborhood during my break and trying restaurants nearby. My favorite is Lilly’s, their spicy tofu is heavenly. 

In the afternoon to jumpstart my productivity and knock out any deadlines, I listen to POLLEN. This eclectic playlist feels fresh and sunny with interesting new songs that keep focused and alert. This playlist helps me channel creative flow into writing talking points, conducting client research, building media lists or assisting with speaker training binder development.

Music inspires me to reach my goals and put my best (tapping) foot forward.

If you’re interested in joining the team, apply now to the Associate Program. The opportunity lasts for 12 weeks, starting in January. Associates may work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Interested students should apply by October 31, 2018 to be considered. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, relevant writing samples, and/or portfolio examples to 



DEVENEY is excited to announce its newest class of Spring 2018 Associates, Patrick Bailey and Janie Gelfond, and welcome back Alison Hanle and Samantha Krupicka of the Fall 2017 class, now Senior Associates! We wanted to get to know them a little better, so we conducted interviews to learn about their favorite DEVENEY and NOLA experiences.

First things first: What are your hometowns and job titles?

PB: New Orleans, La.; Creative Associate

JG: Potomac, Md.; PR Associate

AH: Newport Beach, Calif.; Senior Digital Associate

SK: Memphis, Tenn.; Senior PR Associate

What’s the best part about working at DEVENEY so far?

PB: DEVENEY is keeping me busy with lots of creative work. There’s never a dull moment!

JG: I love the independence and autonomy that comes with the position, and the opportunity to learn from such a strong team to build my own professional portfolio.!

AH: It’s great being able to form collaborative and interactive relationships with my coworkers and achieve real experience with prominent clients.

SK: The amount of experience I’ve gotten at DEVENEY in under a year has definitely been the best so far. I have a pretty fleshed out portfolio at this point and look forward to continuously building on it.

What’s your favorite NOLA summer activity?

PB: Getting snowballs, fishing and beating the heat by exploring the many bars & restaurants in the city.

JG: Exploring the city during the day, getting snowballs and Free Fridays at Tipitina’s!

AH: Hitting all the rooftop pools and bars. Also, going to the Fly [waterfront portion of Audubon Park] and shopping on Magazine Street.

SK: Probably getting daqs [daiquiris] with friends and going to the Fly!

Okay, last question: What’s your go-to NOLA meal?

PB: It’s probably a po-boy from Parkway, but don’t sleep on New Orleans pizza. Mid-City Pizza and Pizza Delicious are top-notch.

JG: Anything from Milkbar (they have the best sandwiches and milkshakes). Or, during the spring/summer, there’s nothing better than a good crawfish boil.

AH: Sushi from Mikimoto, Bacos from Ba Chi Canteen, or any type of gumbo!

SK: DAT DOG! Or a District Donut – their flavors change every day.

No matter where they come from or what division they work in, all of our Associates are united by one thing: they love their work, and they love New Orleans!

Make this your #SummerofDEV and apply to the DEVENEY Associate or Summer Scholar Program by March 3rd!

The Associate Program at DEVENEY offers real opportunities, real clients and real experience in public relations, digital and creative. Associates collaborate with each other as well as DEVENEY’s full-time employees to gain skills to kickstart a career. The PR, Digital and Creative Associates will dive into a variety of projects and contribute the freshest perspectives from day one.

Read more about the Associate and Summer Scholar Programs at and check out our Twitter for a social media contest opportunity. To apply to either program, email a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to