Emeril’s Meril Restaurant Opens With A BAM


Meril, Chef Emeril Lagasse’s fourth New Orleans restaurant, is a culmination of the famed chef’s recent travel and experiences. The restaurant’s casual ambiance, extensive menu and large bar appeal to a younger generation seeking culinary experiences outside traditional fine dining.


DEVENEY tailored social media content to pursue a younger audience while also setting Emeril’s new endeavor apart from other New Orleans locations. Across all channels, content tone was conversational, similar to that of millennials’ personal social media accounts. The restaurant’s open kitchen concept lends itself to ‘personality posts’ featuring staff cooking and interacting with each other in their work environment. The personable photos welcome guests to the Meril kitchen before they even set foot in the restaurant. In addition, emphasis was put on sharing photos from ‘foodie influencers,’ showcasing the diverse menu rather than focusing on individual dishes and ingredients. Influencer content was critical in generating organic buzz among local millennials soon after opening.



  • Organically garnered 1.7 million impressions and reached 969k users on Facebook.
  • Reached 11.6k Instagram users and received 1.2k engagements by sharing influencer content.
  • Strategically connected with local news outlets and influencers on Twitter, achieving 56k impressions.

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