Giving Back During The Holidays.


Leading up to the 2014 holiday season, Arnaud’s approached DEVENEY with the desire to conduct a toy drive during the restaurant’s busiest time of year. So, we asked ourselves, “What would make this toy drive stand out above all the others and have longevity?”


Our strategy was three-fold: make an impact on the targeted community; raise awareness of the program through the local media; and elevate Arnaud’s through its cause marketing efforts. Thus, New Orleans’ first ever Teddy Bear Program benefiting the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and local community was born, all thanks to Arnaud’s and its partner, New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF). Timing was a key component. Not only were the holidays an essential piece, but another reality was the public perception of the NOPD. There was frequent reporting regarding violent crimes in the city. In fact, anything involving the NOPD was of top interest among the media and the community. DEVENEY identified this as another opportunity for the community at large to see the NOPD in a positive light. In its two years, DEVENEY has concentrated efforts on proactive media efforts to raise awareness of the program and increase collections. The program culminates in a press conference at NOPD Headquarters with representatives from all parties involved, including the donated teddy bears, to trumpet the success of the campaign and thank supporters!



  • Conceptualized “Arnaud’s Teddy Bear Program,” which has now become a signature cause marketing effort for the nearly century old restaurant
  • Facilitated successful partnerships with the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, and the New Orleans Police Department
  • Since its inception in 2014, the program has garnered 2,000 teddy bears for police to hand out to children they encounter while on duty
  • More than 7 million media impressions
  • Nearly $50,000 in media value

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