Whether you need crisis help, digital services, public relations, advertising or media connections, our products will meet your needs. These state-of-the-art offerings have not only helped top brands revitalize their communication strategies; they’ve worked on a global level.


We all need a little direction, especially in business communication. We’ve systematized communication, planning, analysis and strategy to achieve better solutions for our clients. We call it, COMPASS.

Firmly grounded in research, our proprietary system allows companies to clearly define the real-market challenges and opportunities they can and must master. Participants examine established marketing goals, define target audiences, unify organizational vision, and direct strategies to turn goals into reality. COMPASS not only points the way to success. It provides companies with a blueprint to get there.

Media Training.

For the unprepared, media sessions are daunting; without the proper training and preparation, they can easily spiral out of control. Especially in the midst of a crisis.

Our Media Training product works to prepare you and your organization for the worst, guiding your interview preparation techniques and teaching you how to handle difficult questions without stumbling. You’ll experience interview simulations, constructive feedback and expert consultations as the program covers everything you need to know about handling the media.

“The team at DEVENEY has been an extension of ours since day one, and that has been critical to the growing awareness and market entry for Bayou Rum. DEVENEY is flexible, adaptable, talented at media relations and training, and well, to put it quite ineloquently, they just ‘get it.’ Whether it’s been coordinating press trips, overseeing product and onsite photography, landing placements in target media, developing creative ways to share the Bayou Rum story or giving our key spokespeople situational media educations, we trust DEVENEY to deliver, and they haven’t let us down yet.”

Alison H. Walsh

Global Lead, PR and Digital  | Stoli Group USA (Bayou Rum)
“It only took a few minutes in John’s seminar to realize that he ‘gets it.’ His experience that he gets across through anecdotes and humour, I believe takes away from the fear and apprehension people may have in dealing with the media. I truly believe that the one-day session I had with John helped make me a better communicator. I would encourage any communicator, regardless of their experience or training, to attend one of John’s seminars.”

Mark Cooper

Public Affairs Officer  | Alberta Innovation and Science
“The Media Training was a great success. Not only do I feel the participants received excellent training in this regard, more importantly, I feel that they gained a real ability to develop and communicate key messages. Applying this skill will be tremendously valuable as the participants communicate not just with the media but also with venture capitalists, banks, customers and many others. In essence, we sent them for media training and they learned how to communicate!”

C.L. Tina Blake, B.Sc.

Technology Commercialization Officer  | Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research


Influencer marketing is more than one of the industry’s hottest trends; it’s an incredible way to bridge the gap between you and your audience. If you’re working with the right influencer. At DEVENEY, we’ve built a strong network of quality contacts, and this product is designed to help you leverage those relationships.

This is RIPPLE.

We not only look for influencers with large audiences; we look for influencers who will truly promote your brand, building long-term relationships between you and your audience.

Speaker Training.

America’s top fear? Public speaking, according to some studies. It can be terrifying, especially for the unprepared. But it’s also one of the most important abilities for personal and professional success.

DEVENEY has decades of experience helping people learn the art of public speaking, and our Speaker Training program will teach you how to succeed behind the microphone. These interactive sessions prepare participants for success through practice, constructive counsel and one-on-one engagement, teaching you everything from script-writing to body language.

“When I first began working with DEVENEY, I was average at best. Today, I am called in as an "expert" presenter to help others become better speakers. This success would not have been possible without the expertise of DEVENEY.”

Erik Frank

CEO  | Your Nutrition Delivered
“My experience with speaker training was exceptional and invaluable. Working with the DEVENEY team helped me refine my communication style, focus and effectiveness when presenting information to any type of audience. It has helped me both personally and professionally. I highly encourage anyone, regardless of their position, to attend the seminar.”

Mary Miller, RN, MSN, FACHE

Vice-President of Physician Services  | Terrebonne General Medical Center

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