Allegiant Why I Fly Contest

Every traveler has a story. Why do you fly?


From Steinbeck to Kerouac, the romance of the “Great American Road Trip” has beckoned to generations of travelers. There’s just one problem with road trips – the road. Allegiant was looking for a campaign-able idea that reminded audiences that our love for flying comes from a unique and powerful truth that is shared by all travelers and to leverage those insights in a way that builds trust and loyalty between flyer and brand.


DEVENEY used social media postings around the hashtag #whyIfly to focus flyers conversations around the emotional and evocative reasons we fly. Finding the truth behind each passenger’s journey, while unique and personal, also gets at the larger truth behind our need to travel and explore as a species. Tapping into that universality and reminding travelers that Allegiant understands and appreciates the many different reasons we all fly, was the key to creating the connective tissue that forges lasting and powerful brand loyalties.



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