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A look at our work will reveal our strengths. You’ll see our effective involvement reshaping LifeCARE/healthcare and LifeSTYLE market segments. You’ll also see our leadership in crisis response management.

We craft strategic messages for hospitals, providers and practices. For travel and tourism agencies, destinations and destination managers, food and beverage groups, restaurants, cultural institutions, events, and hospitality companies. We communicate in ways that make critical differences. In times of crisis. In times of change. Under conditions defined by challenge and transformed by opportunity.


We’ve followed the evolution of the LifeCare segment for decades. As communicators, we helped shape that evolution. Today, we are producing meaningful, measurable results for industry leaders in every aspect of healthcare.

Our clients include skilled practitioners who are raising patient expectations as well as technology innovators who are changing the way healthcare embraces the future.  Our work for each of them corresponds precisely to their interest.


We are brand developers, brand definers, brand communicators and custodians of brand integrity.  As such, we have worked hand in hand with clients whose brands are among the world’s leading presences in LifeStyle marketing.

Our clients value most what we do best.  They come to us for the way we think.  They stay with us for the way we translate thought into action and produce better results across a broad spectrum of applications and platforms.

The fact is that real solutions don’t grow out of a single approach.  We are singularly responsive to the individual needs of each and every client.


The coming of Katrina was more than a crisis.  It was a challenge to our existence, a threat to our survival.  This singular event tested and refined our character, drawing on all we know, teaching us so much more.

Information is the lifeline of Crisis Response Management.  As first responders, we keep that lifeline open and viable.  We establish systems of communication, marshal resources, maintain continuity, and work toward renewal from positions of strength.

Our management teams address both immediate need and ongoing strategy.  Our central conviction is that truth itself shapes true perception.


We are full-service, full-time communicators. We know the why and the way to convey brand identity, introduce new products, and take major players online.

Like our clients, we navigate environments that are fluid and dynamic. It’s a matter of knowing where you stand, where you’re going, and how best to get from here to there. And, of course, that knowledge begins with self-knowledge.
Communication is the link symbolized by our logo. It is a joint process of engagement and interaction. It is forged by commitment and founded in close understanding of our clients, their industries and their competitive sets.

DEVENEY delivers custom designed marketing materials that enable our clients to present a clear message and professional image to their customer markets. From advertising and direct mail to corporate identity packages and brochures to signage and trade booth design, our layouts are as strategic as they are stunning.

DEVENEY’s advertising solutions begin with marketing research to get a better understanding of the target audience, competition, trends and best practices. With that knowledge, we develop effective marketing plans that meet our clients’ advertising goals. Our objective is to increase brand equity and visibility in the marketplace. Our satisfaction is a direct reflection of your results.

Maximizing budgets and leveraging results: that’s our focus when it comes to paid media. In today’s ever-changing media landscape, the most successful outcomes are a result of aggressive and proactive research, planning, negotiation, placement and monitoring. We sift through all the data to find the perfect fit. We engage highly experienced professionals in offline and online media.

Whether it’s website design and development, Internet marketing, search engine optimization or multimedia presentations, DEVENEY has the depth and experience to maximize our clients’ online investments. Each day, DEVENEY is developing and implementing highly effective, purely measurable, interactive strategies.

The first steps toward communication success are strategic analysis and planning. DEVENEY’s finely tuned COMPASSTM (Communication, Planning, Analysis + Strategy = Solutions) system maximizes the strategic analysis and planning system to provide each client with a customized foundation for success. Strategic analysis starts with research and clearly defining an organization’s challenges and opportunities. Planning directs available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. We have used this system to plan for healthcare systems, governmental agencies and leaders with dozens of facilities spread apart geographically.

DEVENEY brings our clients some $450 million in targeted media coverage annually. We generate earned media in all channels – print, digital and broadcast. We’re adept at placing stories in trade and consumer press and do so through traditional methods, personal relationships and social media outreach. In addition to our proprietary media contacts database, DEVENEY utilizes Meltwater, PRtrak, Critical Mention and independent research.

The DEVENEY team has relationships throughout the country with top tier media contacts. We have handled media relationships for a variety of industries in different markets and geographical locations. In addition, our leadership within IABC and PRSA helps to further strengthen our relationships and garner the best media coverage possible.

Public perception, community advocacy and industry support are essential elements of a successful business. DEVENEY facilitates and strengthens relationships with influential individuals, businesses, government and community organizations to strengthen a client’s position and reputation. Identifying leaders from diverse backgrounds to serve as community advocates allows the client the opportunity to be seen as an expert on a multitude of topics and reach a broad audience. DEVENEY will carefully craft strategies based on research and broad public opinion that reinforce or change public perceptions.

Primary and secondary research are the most effective ways to learn the basics. In particular, research can often confirm what you already know, but did not have the facts to support. Research is the cornerstone for sound marketing, advertising and public relations strategic planning; it allows us to reduce risk, discover untapped audiences and responsibly allocate your budget.

DEVENEY has represented government agencies—including Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Louisiana Economic Development and the Lieutenant Governor’s office—but we also assist our corporate and non-profit clients in navigating the murky waters of government relations. DEVENEY planned and executed a full-scale integrated media, community and government relations campaign on behalf of the Taylor Education Foundation to garner broad-based support for permanent funding of Louisiana’s Tuition Opportunity Program (TOPS). Our plan created widespread support, media endorsements and a landslide victory at the polls in favor of an amendment to guarantee funding for the program. Furthermore, our campaign for Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (LPTA) to raise awareness and garner support of direct access to physical therapy successfully encouraged legislators to champion LPTA’s case.

DEVENEY’s TARPDTM (Team identify/train, Assess short/long-term ramifications, Respond quickly and honestly, Provide guidance to constituents, Direct media requests) system is a completely customized and immersive response to a crisis situation. The TARPDTM system has managed crises for hospitals, small-businesses, state and federal organizations. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, TARPDTM supported New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau’s nationwide response. Louisiana Office of Tourism also relied on the system for its response to Hurricane Katrina, and when the oil spill coverage began to pollute perceptions of Louisiana tourism, the organization sought DEVENEY to lead the response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Engagement is happening more and more via social media, from shaping perceptions to purchasing products. Through research and planning, we connect our clients with online influencers and help them establish and connect with a strong, loyal online community via social media platforms. We tailor our services, which include recommending platforms, building profiles from the ground-up, auditing, analyzing and enhancing current profiles, as well as creating, publishing and managing content.

Reputation management is the thread that connects all public relations components. Managing stakeholder expectations is a key element that requires vigilance and insight. Using both traditional and new media, we research and create customized communication strategies based on real-time information. We utilize applicable software to follow news, monitor blogs, guide online brand discussion, track reviews and contribute to online forums.

Positive coverage by the media is one of the most effective ways for an organization to gain valuable exposure. But the thought of going through the “media process” – the interviews, the questions, the potential grilling by reporters – can cause even the most seasoned spokesperson to shy away from the opportunity to reap the benefits of successful media relations.

The objective of our media training is to equip your staff with the tools and techniques required to effectively manage media encounters and to confidently communicate key messages. Media relations drives market share, sales, community support and public perception. A well-handled media interview can strengthen an organization’s position while a poor performance can undo years of credibility.

Our interactive program teaches participants proven techniques and takes them for a test drive through simulated interviews that hone skills and polish presentations. A guest journalist adds to the curriculum and conducts practice interviews.

DEVENEY works in tandem with a variety of advertising, direct marketing, social media and web professionals to maximize clients’ marketing budgets and ensure all marketing arms are disseminating complimentary messages. This collaboration with other agencies results in fully integrated and effective marketing campaigns. We’ve found that weekly communication among partners yields collaborative opportunities and produces valuable ideas. Often, the media buy includes sponsorships that further public rela- tions goals. Or the advertising account executive is aware of a special magazine section that presents editorial opportunities. Both these examples create end results that will serve as content for social media and direct marketing efforts. Only by sharing plans and opportunities can the message be uniform and client’s marketing muscle fully flexed.

DEVENEY specializes in creating strategic events with strong media relations capabilities. With a focus in event marketing, corporate events, press events, theme parties and awards galas, we coordinate production, entertainment, catering, venue and other aspects of planning. DEVENEY has coordinated events locally, regionally and nationally. These include: product launches, grand openings, festivals, fundraisers and executive gatherings. We also have extensive experience developing unique and effective event-driven promotions that reach target markets and achieve client’s goals.

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We’ve systematized the process of communication, planning, analysis and strategy to achieve better solutions.

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Connection. Conversation. Collaboration. It all begins here and now. Contact us for a unique take on the process and practice of communication.

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