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Video has quickly become one of the most impactful ways to speak to an audience. With today’s tools, more and more non-videographers are finding ways to create meaningful, high-quality videos that produce results. The reason it works? Video taps into our basic human psychology in ways text can’t.

As marketers, we know our brand, and we know our audience. Now, it’s time to use the right tools to connect with them on a cognitive level. Through the use of video, brands can spark intrigue, conjure emotion and spread their message across a wider audience, all thanks to the wonders of basic human psychology.

Video speaks to the brain.

Humans are hardwired to avoid demanding cognitive strain. We unconsciously choose the easy route, and video indulges that function. But why is that? Watching a video is passive. It’s an automatic process requiring lot less energy and effort on behalf of the person watching.

Video speaks to the heart.

If text is a direct line to the brain, then video is a direct line to the heart. Through video, brands can convey complex messages that connect on a personal and emotional level. If you want to immerse your audience and make them understand your message on a gut level, video is the answer. The emotional connection attained through video makes it an incredibly efficient communication tool.

Video increases the likelihood of your message being seen.

When it comes to conveying your message to your audience, video is one of the most effective mediums you can use. The human mind processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Video is a great attention-grabber. Visitors will opt to watch a video over reading text 60 percent of the time.

This summer, DEVENEY rolled out a video promoting our new strategic direction as an engagement agency. In two minutes, viewers are exposed to client testimonials, past work, friendly faces and our brand promise. This is something that can’t be attained with a simple press release.

The biggest driver for consumers when it comes to following through with a purchase is decision simplicity. Video content assists in simplifying the decision-making process, allowing consumers to learn effectively without distraction. Watching videos is a small investment. You’re not asking people to spend time reading a long-winded article — you’re asking them to sit back and absorb information.

Video is constantly evolving.

Your audience is a moving target. Luckily, there are hundreds of innovations you can start taking advantage of to enhance your brand storytelling and reach them in new ways. Platforms like Facebook and Snapchat provide unique opportunities to take your audience on a journey alongside your brand and show them how they fit into the narrative. Live streaming apps like Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Mobile Live allow brands to broadcast in real time to their audience, creating a “limited time only” sense of urgency that sends users flocking.

NASA sparked the curiosity of many this summer with a live test of a rocket engine that could one day send humans to Mars. The video was viewed more than 262,000 times.

As your business maps out its marketing plan for 2017, make sure video is in the mix. At DEVENEY, we know from experience that with the right amount of creativity and understanding of your audience, your business can reap the benefits of an effective campaign, drop the corporate veil and connect with your audience on a human level.

If you’ve recently seen a video that inspired you or you want to share your own brand video, tweet us @DEVENEYMKTG.



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