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The American Advertising Awards, or ADDYs, recognize the year’s best work in advertising locally and nationally.

Throughout the year, we focus on our client’s needs, creative pitches, impossible deadlines, new business opportunities, office politics, etc. But for one night, we put all of that aside and appreciate the work we’ve done as individuals and a community. It’s easy to dismiss the ADDYs as an unnecessary vanity, a beauty pageant where the only people paying attention are the contestants themselves. Instead of taking the malcontents’ view and scoffing at the often misinterpreted pride within our business, let’s make a case for why the ADDYs matter and why being a part of the evening is important for us all as professionals and as a business community.

The ADDYs keep us competitive

The ADDYs set the bar for creative standards in the coming year, which breeds better work, making us stronger, faster, better. I can’t remember a single ADDY Ceremony I’ve left without feeling motivated and inspired, albeit a bit tipsy. A rising tide raises all boats, so celebrate those who win, and steel your determination to do better next time.

The ADDYs bring us together

We work in a highly competitive business. I’ve yet to meet a successful person in this business who doesn’t like to win. Throw in the small size of the New Orleans market, and we spend a lot of time and energy competing directly with each other 365 days a year. That can make for a sometimes-contentious environment. Being given the opportunity to come together as a single community is the rare opportunity to put aside a year’s worth of struggles, feuds and fights to celebrate that which is inherent in us all – creativity.

The ADDYs help businesses retain and attract clients, talent

Winning an ADDY serves as testament to your company’s work ethic, dedication and unique specialty. New clients will sometimes consider one agency over another if it has won an award. Current clients may view the award in a positive light, reinforcing their loyalty and willingness to work with your team. In terms of talent, existing employees may have greater job satisfaction or higher morale knowing they’re batting for a winning team. The ADDYs Student Awards also help companies identify up-and-coming talent.

The ADDYs are fun

The event itself is a great time. I’ll never forget the time we brought a client with us to the 2015 ADDYs. There was a childlike wonder in his eyes as we led him into a creative furnace where everybody knows each other and the drinks are free. I don’t remember if we won silver or gold that night, but I do remember that we sang. We sang loudly. Then our client asked if he could join us again the following year.

On Feb. 3, let’s temporarily pause our search for excellence and take pride in our community and industry. Grab a drink, grab an event ticket and prepare for a night of creativity with acquaintances old and new.

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