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You’re not alone, but you soon may be. Over the past few years, a shift has begun in the marketing industry, giving way to digital tactics.

So, how does it work?

Past the actual creation of ads and content posting across the world wide web, digital marketing features robust software like Digimind, Google Analytics, and MailChimp to help make campaigns cohesive and results measurable. These tools collect information from resources most companies are already using, and compiles reports that can be used to refine or redirect marketing efforts.

Want to know more? Here’s why companies should be incorporating digital efforts into their marketing tactics:


1.     Digital Marketing provides businesses with real-time analytics.

Traditional efforts, like radio or newspaper ads, are tricky when it comes to tracking real-time ROI, and their results aren’t typically available until the campaign is over. With digital, results report instantly, like an increase in visitors or subscribers to a company’s website, peak trading times, and conversions – all at the touch of a button.

The data and reports provided by a digital service like MailChimp, are taking the guesswork out of marketing by sharing valuable insights on what efforts will yield the highest ROI.

MailChimp will send out an email campaign to a subscription list, and track the campaign’s performance and provide a report of audience interaction. Allowing marketers to fine-tune future email campaigns to best reflect the trends they see in the performance reports; such as higher response rates to links with photos, or higher open rates on emails sent at a specific time.

2.     Reach the target audience, skip the rest.

Who wants to pay for their ad to go out to consumers that have no interest in what they offer?

Digital marketing allows the marketing team to set-up pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Facebook and other search and social media platforms; making the best use of an ad budget by directing efforts at those who will respond to what the company is offering. Strategizing content rollout with dayparting, and utilizing features like geo-location on ads and marketing efforts, enables targeting towards specific markets and objectives to bring them into the fold.

3.     A strong online presence will establish a digital footprint and lead to brand development and trust.

In a time, when everyone is going online for their brand and product research, having a strong online presence will help establish trust, and allows a company to participate in the conversation inevitably happening. A well-maintained website with quality SEO, UX optimization and targeting adds value to the brand and creates lead generation opportunities. The same can be said for social media channels and email marketing.

4.     Increase reach.

This is the most overlooked digital perk. It doesn’t get enough credit in a world where the internet’s global reach is common sense.  Marketing online, allows any business to be seen all over the world, and potentially tap into consumers they could never physically reach. What’s better? With social sharing, initial reach can go “viral” and extend far beyond the original intent.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses, particularly brick and mortars, miss out on how digital marketing can not only positively increase their bottom line, but also provide new business opportunities and improve their general practices.

Digital makes the entire marketing process faster, more direct and overall more cost-effective. Digital is arming businesses with the resources to take a data-driven approach to their strategy, and who doesn’t need that?

If you’re not using digital marketing yet, you should be. If it is a part of your overall strategy already, revisit your approach regularly to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. Remember it is vital to pivot and change strategies according to how content is performing.

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