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New Year’s is the greatest day of the year. It’s time for you to say goodbye to the good (and bad) of the year before, and to say hello to 365 days of potential success. This fresh start often applies to your personal life, but what about your professional life?

According to Think with Google’s consumer and search trends, weight loss and cleanses are some of the top searches as people make their resolutions. Instead of focusing on fitting into your favorite jeans, consider ways that you can apply these fit and health goals into your job to help you emerge with new energy,

Tips to Engage Professionally in 2017:

Immersion and Discovery: Step into your client’s shoes
  • Since our work is deeply rooted in research, it’s crucial to take a dive into what meets not only client needs, but what makes them tick? Garnering a better understanding for your client’s daily roles, needs and responsibilities will help you realize how to better work with them.
  • Attend webinars and get involved in professional organizations with your client. This improves your expertise, demonstrates commitment and may provide you with additional understanding to make you the best partner.
Strategic Planning: Make a plan based on your behavioral motivations
  • According to this WorldCom presentation, behavior design consistently delivers unprecedented results by optimizing the three variables of human behavior: motivation to act, the ease of doing so and a trigger to spark action. If any of these are absent, the behaviors that constitute success won’t occur.
  • So, how might you come about change? Create a plan that uses these three elements and sparks that transformation, and create intrinsic or external factors to motivate. But don’t go crazy. Set realistic, attainable goals, such as clocking your time at the end of each day or arriving to work 10 minutes early. These small changes may not only stick, but make a real difference in your professional and personal life.
Implementation: Professional development sparks increased engagement
  • Aside from your day-to-day activities with work, consider a professional development activity, group or otherwise that brings your work to life. Spending time with other professionals in the field or providing thought leadership to a community organization will allow you to showcase your skills and talents in a new arena, which leads to overall regeneration of interest in what you do.
  • Referring to baby steps, if serving on the board of an organization is too time consuming or overwhelming, consider attending a networking or social event once a quarter. It’s easy to find a panel, happy hour or fundraiser that will introduce you to new contacts, acquaintances, and maybe even friends.
Evaluation: Taking time to consider your successes
  • With the manic timeframe of a new year, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos that ensues. One of the most important parts of entering this fresh year is to evaluate the last one, from start to finish, and examine everything you’ve done.
  • Look at your overall performance, the results, and analyze them. What worked in 2016? What was your greatest struggle, and how did you overcome that challenge? What should you take from this feedback to enter the new year with positive, yet critical, eye? Allowing yourself to reflect on your successes will allow you to better perform for the year to come.

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