Hermann-Grima Historic House.

Leveraging spring festivals to drive tour bookings

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The Hermann-Grima Historic House was in need of increasing tour bookings with a small budget. The DEVENEY team had to develop a strategy that would leverage maximum exposure of the historic home to tourists and locals. To make the most of our budget, we had to plan our tactics during a strategic time of year.


With the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival having over 460,000 attendees and French Quarter Festival receiving 386,000 attendees, DEVENEY decided to capitalize off of these events and seize the opportunity to communicate to the influx of people in New Orleans during that time. We used location-based targeting through Facebook ads to reach an audience who were within the vicinity the Hermann-Grima house, which also overlapped with festival grounds. Because our potential festival-goer audience would be entirely mobile, we only targeted only those on mobile devices in direct vicinity of our targeted festivals. When the consumers clicked on the ad, it directed them to the tour booking page so the user could easily purchase tickets.


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