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Avery Gray
Digital Associate
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Out with the old, and in with the new! The advent of the internet has brought about many changes for marketing and public relations professionals. Brochures and billboards just aren’t cutting it anymore. Strategizing a marketing or public relations campaign requires more than just B2C soliciting or securing media coverage for a client.

The digital revolution raised the bar for how marketing and public relations professionals grow business and gain coverage. It takes a little more than it did years ago to successfully develop and implement a marketing campaign. Without a digital component or presence incorporated into a marketing plan, brands can’t compete.

According to “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” there are several new “rules” to abide by. The following make up the pillars to a fully developed, digitally conscious marketing and public relations plan in 2017.

1. Social Media

It comes as no shock that social media is No. 1 on the list. Placement on social media, as well as utilizing specific digital channels to promote and place ads and coverage, is crucial to a brand’s strategy. Social media channels and digital platforms, such as mobile apps and blogs, garner impressions for brands and ensure differentiators and personality on the Internet. 

2. Viral Marketing

Leveraging social media allows users or buyers to share content that might be interesting to their followers. A key rule to remember when developing a campaign is to reach your audience through an organic approach by creating content that will be shared or retweeted. Whether it’s a hashtag or a contest, these tactics have a higher social reach and engage in a more organic way than simply posting a status update.

3. Online Video

Utilizing audio and video in any marketing campaign will drive action among buyers. It’s a proven tactic. Creating goodwill with your customers through an emotional advertisement or a humorous appearance garners stronger response than a product post or status update. Online video invokes a strong emotional response and generates a larger social reach in a more organic, content-oriented approach. 

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Old vs. New: The Rules of Marketing
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