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Lauren Wegmann
Digital Supervisor
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Tom Brady’s performance in the first-ever overtime Super Bowl game was the water cooler topic of the day at most businesses, but at DEVENEY we’re focused on the brands that were willing to shell out the big bucks for ad placements.


Best Bowl Ad of 2017:

Bai Beverage with Justin Timberlake & Christopher Walkin dramatically recite the lyrics to the *NSYNC track “Bye Bye Bye.”

Why? “It brought together two recognizable faces and a popular song to promote the brand. Something everyone had been thinking considering the found is Justin Timberlake, but they finally played into what their target audience wants. Simplified humor” says Account Executive Brittany Cruickshank. 


Worst Bowl Ad of 2017:

Snickers Live Ad

We were disappointed with the final execution of the Snickers spot.  Said Account Supervisor Julie Ward, “There was so much potential with the 36 hours leading up to the third-quarter live ad. And Snickers invested a lot in promoting this ad, unfortunately it felt like it was a miss.  At the end I was left unsatisfied and wondering "That was it?"” We do commend Snickers for trying something different than the traditional pre-recorded spot.


Most-Surprising Ad of 2017:

Lumber 84’s Journey84

Team reactions varied on this ad, but almost all were surprised in some way. Terri Krupp, Account Executive, commented that “before Super Bowl LI, we had never heard of this brand. After Super Bowl LI, we wished we had a reason to buy lumber – or were qualified to sell lumber.” The story of a mother and daughter's journey to becoming American citizens was beautiful and timely. Others felt that the ad took it too far with a political statement when viewers are tuning in to have a break from current affairs and political debates. No matter how we each felt about the spot itself, we all agree that it got people talking.


Non-Conventional Favorite of 2017:

The Intel Drones at Halftime

As an Engagement Agency, we appreciate brands that look for different ways to drive conversations with their audiences. Finding out that the drones were real, and not a cheesy CGI effect, is what drove conversation online. In fact, Google searches for “drone” and “Intel” separately more than quadrupled following last night’s half-time performance.    


Everyone has a different opinion on the ads this year. What’s yours? Tweet us @DEVENEYnola using the #DEVchat hashtag.



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