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Carrie DeVries | APR
Senior Account Executive, LifeStyle
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You’re likely reading this post for one of two reasons. One, you’re interested in getting accredited in public relations or two, you’re wondering, “What in the world is APR?” Either way, I’m glad you landed here.

The APR is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals. 

As you can tell by my very distinguished suffix (one of the many benefits of attaining your accreditation), I am proud to have completed the process of attaining the APR designation, because it:

  • Made me a better public relations practitioner for myself, my clients and my company.
  • Provided a sense of accomplishment; the process is challenging, but when you succeed, the feeling and benefits last throughout your career.
  • Supplemented my vast experience with textbook knowledge. Shh…don’t tell anyone, but I didn’t major in PR. Although my degree is in mass communication, I went the journalism route.

So, you’re wondering if you should get your APR, too? YES! Set a goal, and challenge yourself. I set out to obtain my APR when I turned 30, and I did it. I also set a goal to run a marathon, but did not. And, that’s OK too. Do it when it feels right for YOU and nobody else.

Here’s the process in four steps:

  1. Review and complete the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations Application.
  2. Prepare and sit for a Readiness Review.
  3. Study for and complete the computer-based examination.
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through maintenance.

A few more important details: The process costs $385 and is open to members of participating organizations of the Universal Accreditation Board, like your local PRSA chapter or Southern Public Relations Federation.

There you have it! A fairly basic rundown of why and how to attain your APR. Lucky for you, one of the other great joys for me is coaching others, like you, through the process. So, if you have any additional questions or just need a little nudge to move forward, don’t hesitate to contact me.  

For more tips on getting accredited, tweet us your questions @DEVENEYnola using the #DEVchat hashtag.


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