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Old vs. New: The Rules of Marketing

Luke Jones
Marketing Coordinator
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At a recent PRSA event in Central Louisiana, we began a presentation entitled “Old School vs. New School Marketing” with the following phrase: The tools have changed, but the formula is the same.

While it sounds like a broad topic, the presentation focused on the concept of consumer-driven messaging and relationship building. Whereas our forefathers sold things through “feature-preaching,” the modern notion of selling has transformed into the subtle art of content-driven, hyper-focused real talk with real people.

Permission is the new interruption. Inbound has replaced outbound.

Not only has our tone changed, but our tools have been sharpened, we explained in the presentation. Communicators no longer hit people over the head with advertising that interrupts their Thursday night TV show. Instead, we navigate the narrows of the digital space to serve them something they’ve opted in for.

Consumers interact with brands through currencies like time and attention. When we watch YouTube videos these days, we accept that the price of entertainment is sitting through five seconds of pre-roll. We have collectively learned how pay-to-play and gated content works, and as consumers, we’re okay with it.

What’s “new?”

Next in the presentation, we discussed three things that have changed since the “old school” way of doing things, but have become commonplace in the marketing world today.

·       Influencers

·       Native Content

·       Big Data

Instead of going into an in-depth discussion about these three areas, let’s take a step back and think about the bigger picture: the tactics and trends will come and go. Don’t follow the wave so obsessively that you drown in the process.

“New” doesn’t mean “right.”

As we mentioned before, the tools have changed, but that doesn’t mean you must use them for every client or project. Communication is still about reaching people where they are and speaking to them in their language. Strategic content is still king. How they see you and interact with you matters. Cater to your audience and use the tools – whether old or new – when they aid you in achieving your goals.

There is no old vs. new. There are no rules.

At DEVENEY, we view marketing through a channel-agnostic lens. As an engagement agency, our philosophy stems from the idea that tools are just tools, and the ones we use today will be outdated in a year. However, crafting unique content and forging authentic connections with tribes of the right people is a timeless technique that gets results and always will. Don’t follow every trend. Follow your audience.

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