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Olivia Haskins
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There are hashtags for everything these days – even to proclaim if you’re “blessed.” Hashtags are particularly popular for event promotion. They allow attendees and followers to keep track of related conversations on social media leading up to and during an event.

When creating your own event hashtag, it’s important to keep it short and catchy – something that can easily become associated with the brand. To ensure its success and popularity among your audience, be sure to use the hashtag frequently and consistently throughout all marketing elements of the event.

Here are three ideas to help you create that branded hashtag:

1. Make it original and fun. Your hashtag should be something everyone can join in on – wit is appreciated. It’s all about generating momentum. By being witty, unique or explanatory, through increased shares you’ll receive boosted impressions and comments. Be mindful to make the hashtag dynamic so it can be used to promote daily office life, the brand, parties and partnerships in the future.

2. Use it everywhere. Make it Facebook official and commit to that relationship. Your brand’s social media should aim to engage and generate conversations that people feel compelled to share. Take #TGIF for instance – millions of people feel compelled to share their good, bad and otherwise Friday vibes. Make sure your brand is engaging in the event or general brand-related content on its own social media channels, using hashtags and tagging guests. Also take time to monitor and respond to likes and comments on posts.

3. Incentives. Why would I want to hashtag your branded material with my cute wine Instagram? Make your hashtag beneficial for a variety of users. At your next event, promote the brand hashtag by running a contest. For example, the person who creates the most-shared post using your hashtag will win a prize. Incentives could include a

custom branded bottle of wine; c’mon – that’s especially for our cute-wine-Instagram friend. Go ahead and say Cheers!

How does your brand promote hashtags? Let us know by tweeting us your tips @DEVENEYnola using the #DEVchat hashtag.


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