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Erica Normand
Marketing Supervisor
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Each quarter, we take a step back and evaluate what we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients’ objectives. It also marks the time when we recommend optimizing their marketing efforts in the next quarter. It’s quarterly report time here at DEVENEY – a time for us to circle back, listen and learn. 

But how do we do this?  Where do we begin? The short answer is that we build a strong and solid foundation; one that truly guides our thinking, rationale and recommendations. Our work is grounded in research, which is our Immersion + Discovery phase. We take a deep dive into your brand, competition, industry and target audience. From there, we formulate a plan of action during the Strategic Planning stage.

Once strategic direction is set, we begin the Implementation process. This is when we determine which tactics will have the most impact on your target community. What will turn these groups and individuals from passive observers into brand advocates? This is what we want – to not only create change in behavior, but also move the needle by delivering results that are meaningful to your business objectives. We tailor content based on key insights derived through research – who exactly is your target audience, what drives their decision-making? Then we go to them, delivering the type of content they want, precisely where they want to consume it.

Placing the importance on targeted engagement versus mass distribution is a shift from traditional industry practice. We want our core audiences to engage. We want your brand message to resonate so much so that the audience is moved into action – repeating, sharing and spreading your brand’s dialogue.

Evaluation is a continuous and vital component of our process. We measure performance of each tactic deployed. We listen and we learn. We evaluate what worked and what did not. We optimize and enhance, so that as we round the corner to do it all again, the work is constantly improved along the way.

To learn more about what engagement means to DEVENEY and a handful of our clients, view our new video.


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