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Mandy Hernaez
Junior Graphic Designer
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This year, I attended an amazing conference in Georgia called Creative South. The theme, recharge, set the tone for what would become a life-changing experience. Aside from going home with knowledge of new design techniques, I was also truly inspired in my work and creativity – literally recharged. I want to share some of that energy with you.

Creativity can be scary. It’s about putting your ideas and yourself out there. Each of us has different talents, memories and life experiences, and each of us carries diverse perspectives. So when you offer a piece of yourself and put in a real effort, it can make you vulnerable. But this is where the best creativity is born.

During his session, Scotty Russell, Creator of the Perspective Collective, said something that resonated with me: “Where you are most afraid is where you will provide the most powerful value to the world.”

Fear is real. People are often afraid or adverse to change, but this also means that when we aren’t trying or evolving, there is no growth. In order for full potential to be reached, our talents and ideas must be shared. Risks must be taken.

Creativity is about experimenting, and not everything will work. But when it does, you’ll know, and the result will be well worth the effort. The process should be an open one and viewed as a learning experience. Critique and feedback will only better you as a professional.

  Tips for being creative:

1) KNOW THE RULES. You have to know what’s already been done in order to do something different.

2) BREAK THE RULES. Bethany Heck, the senior designer and creative lead at Microsoft, spoke at Creative South about breaking one of the first rules of setting type: Don’t use too many. She sometimes uses up to eight different typefaces on one piece, but it works because she’s intentionally and creatively going against the grain.

3) PUSH YOURSELF. Do something outside of your comfort zone, do things that scare you. If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing.

4) LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Each and every project is a learning opportunity. Embrace it.

5) SHARE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW. Sharing knowledge and building a community will only help and inspire you. Creative South was such a great experience. It was a weekend filled with talented and kind people who shared their stories and lessons learned. Get out there and become a part of or build your own community. It’s worth it!

Get your creative juices flowing and try the challenge outlined below. Be sure to share your awesome visuals with us by tagging @DEVENEYnola and using the #DEVchat hashtag.



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