Associate Program

Go Beyond an Internship

The DEVENEY Associate Program is a study in opportunity. It offers current students and recent graduates hands-on experience at an award-winning full-service marketing agency through real projects for actual clients. Joining the DEVENEY team as an Associate gives new professionals a quality internship unlike any other.

The Associate Program is offered in twelve-week periods each semester: spring, summer and fall. The position is part-time. Two to five Associates are hired each semester for public relations, creative or advertising positions. Associates are paid hourly with the alternative option of applying the time towards course credit.

Additionally, DEVENEY offers one Summer Scholar position each summer. This position is an advanced, full-time, immersive work experience. For more information and application requirements, contact

To apply or learn more about any of our Associate positions, send a cover letter, resume, writing samples and/or appropriate portfolio samples to:

DEVENEY Associates